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Is dell reward points a scam???

I purchased a dell inspiron on 16th of October. My reward points hasn't been issued since then. I had quite a few emails sent, calls made to the costumer services and nothing! Is dell reward points a scam???

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yes they are a scam! I had over $1000 of points I was waiting for them to post they told me they would send an email which I never received, I kept checking and they posted the points and then they were expired. I called and email over 20 times with no one to help me. I wish my company would switch to HP just because of this.



I purchased my i5, Inspiron 7572, for around $780 a year ago and they were prompt in giving me $20.00 in rewards.   I didn't see anything for $20.00 that I had interest in putting towards.  I let it expire.   I didn't want to spend anything worth $20.00 or more anyway, but I got my rewards for what it was worth.

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Extremely A Scam!!

When I created my online dell account I clicked the box that said also sign me up for dell rewards. When placing my order the next day for a $2,000 laptop I once again clicked the box saying to sign me up for dell rewards. When receiving my computer a couple of weeks later and registering it it signed me up for rewards.

Rewards never showed in my account, when calling them they tell me I did not sign up for rewards until I activated the laptop, which is a complete lie. I supposedly did it during the other times. they literally told me they were not going to honor when i selected the box to sign me up and they would not issue rewards or my purchase.

dell has got to have some of the worst customer service I have ever seen in a company. Their version is the Customer is never right.

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I will agree. it is a scam and even their agent cannot do something about it! they kept hungin up on call me. they've been peomising 24-48 hrs since last week. 

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