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Issue with HDD, error code: 2000-0142

Hey, i'm facing a problem with my dell laptop. I was doing some work and due to some frustration i hit my laptop through a television remote and then laptop get shutdown suddenly, when i restart my laptop it gives me message on blue screen which indicates BSOD and restart again and again, i tried to enter safe mode by pressing continuously F8 but failed. Then i checked ePSA and it gives me error code of 2000-0142
And validation code: 104548
Service tag <Service Tag removed>
Now i don't what going help me please....

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The hard drive has failed and needs replacement - if you need a recommendation on a replacement, post the full model number of the system (Inspiron N5110, 5558, etc.).



Its modle number is inspiron 3537 i3

Any 2.5" 7 mm or slimmer SATA notebook drive will work.



What 2.5'' 7mm????

The drive needs to be 2.5" in diameter, and 7 mm or slimmer in height.  Most standard SATA notebook drives are, though some are 9.5 mm or taller -- these won't fit the system.



What will be the cost of such hard disk?? Or suggest me some hd with 500 gb

Thanks for your valuable time.
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