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Issues after reinstalling windows on SSD on Inspiron 15 3000 Series 3543

Hi All

I had freshly installed Win 10 1809 with OS Recovery tool, after windows updated to Win 10 Home edition, Evaluation copy Version 2004 (OS Build 20262.1), I was facing Audio issues, so I re-paired my windows but issue was not resolved, I re-installed my OS to factory version. 

After re-installing 2nd time, I'm still facing below issues:

1. Audio issues still not resolved - I can only hear very very low audio when headsets are inputted + while on normal inbuilt speakers when volume is kept to 100%.

2. Display issues - Laptop screen brightness is not reducing, I tried to change brightness to 0% but still there is high brightness as if it is kept to 100%.

3. Performance - After re-installing, I can observe little bit slow performance, for starting windows it takes 1 min where on 1st time I installed, it only took 5-10 sec, & when trying to open start menu or Win Explorer or any other apps, it is opening like slowly & hanging while opening.

4. Graphics - While playing videos, graphics are not clear it is blurred even while playing HD video file, & video gets played slowly, stucking in between with audio discrepancy (feeble & dis-continuation audio, cracking in between sound) So, just for cross checking & experimentation, I launched CS Game, in that also, same issue I was facing, game was hanging in starting for 2-3 min & afterwards it was performance normally as usual. Also, in starting audio was cracking for 3-5 min, after that I was hearing normally in continuous. 

5. USB Pen Drives not readable: Pen drives are not getting detected on USB Ports but external HDD is getting detected. I had created OS medial on Flash drive & thru that I re-installed windows on SSD, after that flash drive is not getting detected - getting error when PD is inserted in USB slot - Please insert Drive & when checked on properties, I can't see anything. Even I tried formatting PD, saw error - Windows was unable to format the drive.

I have installed, all the audio & video software's but still I'm facing these issues, after re-installing to factory system.

Could you please let me know why these issues are getting & let me know any solution for resolving this issues.

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2 Jasper
2 Jasper

In addition, Apps are also loading slowly.


Go online and download all the drivers.

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Welcome to the Dell Community @Ameya1 

" I have installed, all the audio & video software's. "

Did you install the Chipset Drivers???

In Device Manager, is there any unknown devices or any with an ! point next to it???

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Yes, I have installed all the drivers including chipset drivers. I am not seeing any drivers having ! mark in Device Manager.

I tried running Support Assistant in my 3593 Laptop... No updates were found. yet Display blurring issue not resolved.... HELP!


Can anyone Pl provide a solution

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