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It's enough - after third Freeze in one week Inspiron 7577 going to RMA

I have a thread, where I talked about multiple problems with Dell Inspiron 7577 - https://www.dell.com/community/Inspiron/Constant-Dell-inspiron-15-7577-problems-Sound-Lag-FPS-drops/...

I tried many OS versions - Windows 10 1607, Windows 1709 and now I'm running on Windows 1803. In the past week, I had three Windows OS freezes. OS just freezes, sound is still on over Spotify, but nothing works - mouse, calling task manager or so on. One way to get back to computer, go to sleep and turn it on again, or hard turn off. It's enough for me, including weird OS speed and horrible Toshiba NVMe speed. I captured freeze on video, if Dell will say "Oh, your laptop is fine". I'm still blaming Toshiba NVMe drive, but I never tried to use my other SSD I have - Dell still needs to replace Toshiba drive, because I paid for it.

Video: https://youtu.be/Cfz9ibpXTvE


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