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Lapptop wotn turn on - Dell inspiron 3000

My laptop wont turn on. Only the power light is on and when i hit the power button the laptop wont startup( The other lights are still off) . Please help me Smiley Sad I have a dell inspiron 3000 series 15 inch

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Re: Lapptop wotn turn on - Dell inspiron 3000

Unplug system, disconnect battery.  Hold the power button for 30 sec.

Remove the base cover and memory modules - reinstall.
Verify that the LED on the AC adapter is on before you plug in the notebook end.  If it isn't, replace the adapter.

Plug in the adapter (no battery) - if the system will power up, but not with the battery installed, the battery is bad;  replace it.

If it still won't power up, the mainboard is bad.


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