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Laptop not TURINING ON, LED charge light BLINKING

Using Dell 15 5000 series for 3 years.. For past couple of weeks, Facing a serious problem where Laptop not turning on, strangely LED bulb of charger blinking continuously. 


Removed Battery, Unplugged all Peripherals , drained all the flea power ( as instructed on Internet ) Turns ON sometime, but most of the times the issue continues - NOT TURNING ON, LED charger bulb blinking.


After repeating the process several times, Laptop sometimes Turns ON (if I am lucky) and works perfectly fine once it turns ON

The problem lies where turning OFF and turninig ON , the problem continues and have to repeat the process mentioned above ( removing the battery, unplugging)  


What is the problem ? Is anyone faced the same issue ?

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Mary G
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Re: Laptop not TURINING ON, LED charge light BLINKING

Have you ever replaced the battery? Try removing it and leaving out. Use the adapter alone. If that works, use the laptop as a desktop replacement. Today's batteries can fail after only 18-24 months. If you need to replace the battery, it must be a genuine Dell from Dell Parts. Beware of batteries sold on the internet by private sellers. There are many models in the 5000 series. You should post the exact model. This might interest you--


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