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Laptop starts lagging and freezing on ac power


I purchased Inspiron 15 3567 a year back but since few months, I am facing laptop freezing and lagging issues when I connect it to AC power. The problem is so severe that I couldn't even browse through my laptop when it is plugged in.

I noticed that when my computer is on battery the CPU clocks go up to 3.1GHz, but within seconds of plugging the charge cable, it drops down and locks itself to a mere 0.38 GHz. I guess this is the reason for lag. Even while doing CPU benchmarks, the CPU clocks stayed locked at 0.38 GHz, but as soon as I am on battery the clocks get normal and go up to 3.1Ghz.

In the settings, I check the maximum processor state is at 100%. I tried changing the power options to high performance from balanced but nothing seems to help.

I am running Windows 10 Education with the latest update, along with the latest BIOS v2.6.0 from Dell Support Assist.

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