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Laptop stuck in BIOS, Hard drive, incorrect status=3E


This morning when I powered-on my laptop, it went into SupportAssist in BIOS and throws me an error: "Dell SupportAssist has detected a failing component on your system that requires immediate attention."

The boot doesn't proceed any further towards Windows and I'm stuck in BIOS. The QR code provided or the weblink doesn't work.


Here are the details from the issue page:

Product name: Inspiron 7559

System Bios: 1.2.7

Service tag: JMYQB62

ePSA: Build 4302.10 UEFI ROM

Error code: 2000-0151

Validation: 108180

Hard drive 0 - S/N 154145411781, incorrect status = 3E

SMART Predictive Failure.


Thank you.

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Re: Laptop stuck in BIOS, Hard drive, incorrect status=3E

Hard drive is toast - if you're under warranty, report the error (2000-0151) and validation code to  Dell support and they'll replace it.

If you're out of warranty, any 2.5" SATA notebook drive (hard drive, hybrid drive or SSD) that's 7mm or slimmer will work as a replacement.


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