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Long bios time

Hello every one
I have dell inspron 5567 with
i5 7200u
8g ram 
R7 445m 
500g SSD Smasung 860 evo 

the problem is that the time from when i press the power button to the windows loading dots is taking about 10 sec 
full startup time about 30 sec

last bios time is 8 sec in task manger

but on the other hand

i have another hp pavilion laptop with i7 5gen "5500u" and older ssd Samsung 850 evo 
its take only about 12 sec to fully boot   only 2 sec on bios wait ...

last bios time is 2 sec in task manger 

and there is a lot of other examples ...

so why its take that long time 

any fix ???!!!

"" i set fast boot in bios to minimal and no change ...""

thanks for reading 🙂