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Long boot due to a black screen before sign-in screen

Greetings! I currently have a Dell Inspiron 7567 and recently, I have been having trouble upon booting up my PC. After the dell logo shows up upon booting with the loading animation, everything goes black for a random amount of time (Not longer than 5 minutes to be exact) before the sign-in screen finally shows up. 

Several solutions that I came up while searching in the internet with were toggling the fast boot option, updating the bios to the latest version (1.7.0), reinstalling display adapters by uninstalling them and waiting for windows to automatically reinstall them, booting into safe mode (still resulted with the same problem surprisingly) and also editing a plentiful of power options but all of these solutions failed. Many people from my searches are quite sure that it is a windows 10 problem which kind of makes me want to downgrade to Windows 7. Unfortunately, I have very important files that are in this PC and I don't have immediate access to a backup drive. On a quick note, I also realized that whenever I boot up with the AC plugged in, the sign-in screen doesn't show up at all. It only seems to show whenever I am in battery mode so I assume it's some sort of a power option that I changed along the time of using the device. 

Similar situations I saw that would describe this are the following:




Thank you for reading!

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Windows 10 slow boot black screen /windows 10 slow boot after update. Recently after windows 10 Fall creator update, My laptop started taking a lot of time to boot up. And after powering on the laptop stuck to a black screen for 3-4 Minutes. Even though my Laptop has Nvme SSD 256 GB, Intel i7 7700
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Re: Long boot due to a black screen before sign-in screen

this problem arises due to system not getting shut down properly. what you need to do is. 1st ) right click on taskbar---> taskmanger--> more details--> startup--> now disable all the application one by one. 2nd) check if your system is having more than one antivirus program, if its then use only one and uninstall the another. 3rd)shutdown the system and wait for more than 2 to 3 min before closing the lid off , the screen goes off but still the pc will be running due to which next time wen u start the pc the pc gets slower so after shutdown and screen goes black wait for 2 to 3 min
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