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Longish boot time and video issues - related?

My Inspiron laptop is just over a year old and runs Win 10. I use it primarily for video editing, running Corel Video Studio 2020. All drivers are updated, as is Windows. A couple of months ago I noticed that my boot time went from like 20 seconds or so to over a minute. Around the same time I began to experience issues with my editing software - it began to lag during editing to the point of being useless at times. I also noticed that YouTube videos specifically have difficulty playing on my laptop (my internet speeds are about 200-250 mbps checked at the same time). Initially I thought it was a Corel software issue, but the YouTube thing made me wonder about that. The longer boot time also got my attention.

Like I said, I've checked my drivers and they're all up to date. My internet is working just fine. I can play videos on Windows Media Player just fine. I know this could be just about anything, but I was hoping someone might have a solution before I take my laptop to a shop. I appreciate any help.



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The first thing you should do is run Dell Offline diagnostic to check Hardware inside computer. Keep in mind, a faulty hard drive or solid-state drive can cause boot time problems. It also can slow down or freeze up your computer. Please follow Dell Offline Diagnostic instructions in link below. Report back any error code.

Dell Diagnostic Tools to Diagnose and Fix Hardware Problems on Your Dell Computer, Tablet, or Server... 

If there's no error code, I suggest disabling any unnecessary application or programs running during the booting process. Just type Task Manager onto search box, select Startup, disable. Some people turn off Fast Startup to help speed up their boot time.

How to disable Windows 10 fast startup (and why you'd want to) | Windows Central

Please view additional information in the links below, hopefully it will be a help to you:

How to Get your Computer to Boot Up Faster DELL (Official Dell Tech Support) - YouTube

How to Reinstall Windows 10 Dell (Official Dell Tech Support) - YouTube



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