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Lost Wifi when changing Cmos battery?


I changed out a clients Cmos battery in their Dell Inspiron laptop and checked the screen connection because of occasional screen white outing.

Here is the Specci URL for the laptop:

After putting it back together I do not have a Wifi connection?

I took it apart to see if I accidentally disconnected the wifi but everything looked fine. I followed the wiring from the wifi adaptor to being connected to the screen. The wifi wire does go under the screw connection area between the bottom and the top display area.

However, like I said I could not find any issues in the wiring?

The date had to be updated since I changed the Cmos battery but when updated still no wifi.

So, why would I have this issue and how can I fix it?



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Mary G
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Re: Lost Wifi when changing Cmos battery?

When you change that battery you can lose the bios settings. Check the bios settings by rebooting and using F2 to enter Setup which is the bios. Make sure everything is correct. This is why it is a good idea to check the bios settings before you change the battery. Take a picture or write it all down. The manual might have the correct bios settings. You should have said what model computer you have.

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