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MS Your Phone & Dell Mobile Connect Voice Quality Issues

I am experiencing voice quality issues with both Phone apps.

I am using a USB Headset and LG G6 Mobile Phone on Oreo.

Dell Support have changed motherboard, wireless card and I have done a full Factory Data Reset reloading OS and Apps.  No improvement.

The issue cost me enormous effort with no result.  Dell support are no longer responding.  Too hard .....

Post a couple of hours searching for similar issues - I have disabled the Waves MaxAudio application and have had no voice quality issues for several weeks.

I had thought this app was just for the onboard audio.  If it is the cause then it would appear to be impacting either the USB Headset Audio or Bluetooth Audio to the phone.

Has anyone else experienced these sorts of issues with the Waves MaxAudio application ?

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Re: MS Your Phone & Dell Mobile Connect Voice Quality Issues

As the USB headset works perfectly with Slack, Zoom, WebEx, MS Teams, Google Meet etc the headset is not the issue.

It would appear to be a problem with the Bluetooth audio connection to the phone.  The receiver hears garbled audio.

After disabling Waves MaxAudio the audio quality issues are fixed.

Anyone else seeing intermittent audio issues with either the MS or Dell phone app ?

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