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Matte or glossy (mirror black) screens?

I can't find a "Precision" location.

I have a 'Precision 7730 - Build Your Own' in my 'Saved Basket', but can't find anywhere information on the screen surface finish.

I want a 17" (17.3) high end office laptop and the 7730 would appear to be ideal.  But it has to have a matte finish.  The black mirror screens are NOT acceptable.

I have an old Vostro 3750, which Dell called a "with anti-glare" 17" screen.  But now well past it's sell-by date!

Any suggestions, please.



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I contacted Dell over a week ago asking which laptops if any have matte screens.  I have not received an answer.  I also have an old Vostro (3500), and am looking for a new laptop with a matte screen.


The type screen is usually listed in the Specification of any new computer? at least that is where i would start lookin

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