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Microsoft Outlook is incompatible with Dell after update

I've updated my inspiron i5-5578 with the latest Dell drivers and it is no longer compatible with Microsoft Outlook. I don't have the option of rolling back in Windows 10 anymore and whenever I open M Outlook the system freezes.

Any suggestions as to how to fix this greatly appreciated.

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Re: Microsoft Outlook is incompatible with Dell after update

Try this Dell support page for repairing Office and Office components.

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Re: Microsoft Outlook is incompatible with Dell after update

The one system I have Outlook on seems to be normal.  There may be a situation with yours where is it looking for something or trying to open something it can't find or is corrupted.

I am looking in the help file and see for some versions you can use the File-Account settings and select a mail account you wish to repair.  Maybe that would clear out prior documents.

If you can't get it to get that far, maybe give it more time and also check the Event Viewer to see if any log entries are showing up.

If it might be looking for something online, such as Cloud backups, perhaps disconnecting the network or clearing those files would help.  I do not use the Cloud backup option in Win 10.  This may be more OneNote or Word, not sure.


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