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Motherboard failure - really? - Inspiron

I bought a Dell Inspiron about a year and a half ago and the motherboard has already failed.

I used the laptop maybe 15 times at most and had brought it in for a similar issue a couple months into buying. The first time, the screen went black and wouldn't turn on (hardware issue). Luckily I still had a warranty and was able to bring it into my local Best Buy. However they had to ship it to Dell so this process took around 8 weeks.

This will be the second time I am having issues with the laptop and of course I no longer have warranty. I wanted to give Dell the benefit of the doubt, as I had heard before that these laptop qualities were not the greatest. There is no doubt in my mind that with a motherboard failure after, and light use, there is indeed a serious quality issue here.

Unfortunately I do believe this has altered the way I see Dell now. If you are looking for quality do not replace it with unnecessary features.

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