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Motherboard failure

My Inspiron 2in1 is suffering from motherboard failure and my friend who does IT said it is a factory issue. I've only had the laptop for 2 years and loved it and took good care of it. I'm wondering if this is a frequent problem with Dell and if I should move on or if it's rare and I should give it another shot. I really liked my inspiIns while it worked, but can't afford buying a new laptop every 2 years.




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Re: Motherboard failure

It would help to know exactly what's wrong -- and I'd take free IT advice for what it's worth - since unless the person works for the manufacturer (which is NOT Dell, any more than Apple, Lenovo, HP, etc. are manufacturers) - there's no way they could know.  All notebooks are made by contractors - the four large ones make most notebooks sold, and just a few others make the rest.  About 20-30% of all of them will have a failure within the first 2-3 years - which is why whatever you buy, a 3-year warranty is a minimum you should get. 

Just about any notebook selling for less than $1,000 is a throwaway these days when a mainboard fails out of warranty because the cost now includes replacing the CPU and GPU as well as the board - and on some models, the RAM -- and with Apple models, the drive as well.  The high level of integration has driven down prices but driven up repair prices -- just like the advent of safety equipment such as automatic braking on cars does save lives but increases repair cost after accidents.

Whatever you buy next, if you don't want to be back in this position after a year or two - get a 3- or 4- year warranty up front.  It's generally $100-200 or so for that - and it's money well spent, since the failure rate on notebooks is higher than it is on most other consumer products.


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