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Motherboard upgrade

Can I upgrade my dell inspiron n5110's (vga: nvidia GT525m, 8 gb ram, cpu: i5 2430M) motherboard? 

My vga went wrong and i can't do anything about it. So i was thinking about replacing motherboard but nobody produce it now.

Can i buy  other motherboard? or is there anyway to upgrade my laptop without spending too much money? 

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Re: Motherboard upgrade

Nothing but another 5110 board will fit the system, no.

With a system this old and low-end, you're better off replacing than repairing at this point.  If you really want to keep the system, it'll likely be cheaper to buy another used, working N5110 system on EBay - than it will to buy just the mainboard.  Complete working systems are $100 or even less - - less than you'll pay for a mainboard alone, and you then have another set of spare parts.


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