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My old N5010 win 10 boot is faster than my new inspiron 7577

I've just bought Dell 7577 with Ram 16 Gb - Graphic card 1050  4gb - Seller installed Crucial M2 Mx300 ssd 275 GB. I installed fresh win 10 that i just downloaded from microsoft site. However i noticed that my old N5010 with samsung ssd 128 gb boots faster my new 7577 by about 7 seconds . Is that normal ?Screenshot_20180529-161100.pngBios screen shot


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Re: My old N5010 win 10 boot is faster than my new inspiron

I got the same problem. My old laptop is faster than my dell 7577. But  the specifications are lower than 7577.Than I find that sombody said is the problem about the Toshiba's ssd. (the article is the problem about xp 15). But 7577 is use Toshiba's ssd,too. And I try to change my ssd's type form NvMe to ACHI like he said. And it really feel faster than before. but I am not professional, I don't know whether it is good for laptop or not. (attach the webside which is talk about the problem with xp 15's  ssd,https://www.reddit.com/r/Dell/comments/5xvrvi/howto_95605520_toshiba_ssd_optimizing_performance/)

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