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Need to upgrade Inspiron 5559 wireless card

Need to upgrade Inspiron 5559 wireless card Intel 3160,  What is the best and newest intel wireless card that will fit?  Thanks

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Re: Need to upgrade Inspiron 5559 wireless card

Looking at the support page for that system, the Specifications document indicates that it uses an NGFF (aka M.2) slot for WiFi, which is the current industry standard.  According to the Service Manual, it has 2 antennas, which is also the current industry standard.  The latest (and in my opinion best) officially available M.2 WiFi card that uses 2 antennas is the Intel 8265.  There is a newer Intel 9260, but currently it's only available through third-party retailers and I haven't seen it included from the factory in any system, which makes me wonder how exactly those third-party retailers are getting their inventory -- but according to others who have tried it, it does work well and can be a significant upgrade over the 8265 if you have a very high-end router and actually need the extra bandwidth, which you only should if you have at least a 500 Mbps Internet connection or generate a lot of LAN traffic due to having a local file server or something.  Note that you should avoid the Intel 9560, since that's basically a variant of the 9260 that requires CPUs that have some of the RF hardware built into the CPU rather than being built onto the WiFi board itself, so that definitely would not work.

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Re: Need to upgrade Inspiron 5559 wireless card

I have this laptop and the wifi has always been sketchy. After multiple calls to Xfinity, Dell and finally, Intel I learned the following:

My laptop uses an Intel AC 3160 wifi card. The only selection in Device manager for 5Ghz is 20 Mhz. I was told by Intel that the AC3160 has a single antenna but he thinks the laptop is limited to 20 Mhz due to  motherboard architecture. This laptop runs at 15Mbps while other wireless laptops I have with other wifi cards are capable of 175 Mbps. These are not limited to the 20 Mhz setting. I even have another Dell Lattitude E7450  and it runs at 176.3 Mbps. It is situated within a foot of the one with the 3160. The 3160 machine only runs 15.8


my question is if I change out the wifi card for a dual antenna model to increase my speed is the 20 Mhz limitation due to board architecture or due to the AC 3160 itself? I have read many complaints on the connectivity of the Inspiron 15 5559 with the 3160 wireless card.

Please let me know because outside of the connectivity instability and internet speed I love this laptop

Thank you

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