New G5 in Italy wrong video card name and non specified hz

I've been looking to buy the new G5 15 on the dell Italy site, but two things in the listing are stopping me from doing so:


1. It says to have an RTX 1060... which I believe does not exist. It's either a GTX 1060 or an RTX 2060 right? I wouldn't want to buy this thinking I'm getting an RTX and finding myself with a GTX in the box.


2. What's the display refresh rate? The "fullest" option says that it comes with a "15.6 inch FHD (1920 x 1080) IPS 300-nits Display" as opposed to a "15.6-inch FHD display (1.920 x 1.080), anti-reflective and backlit LED, non-touch-screen, thin border, IPS". Are any of these 144+hz?


In case we're not yet getting a 144+hz in Italy for the new G5 15 yet. Will we ever get it? I'd like to think that it is 144hz or more though, since buying an RTX 20xx with a 60hz display (or even selling it... no offence) is rather silly tbh, but I thought I'd ask anyway just to be sure.


Thanks a lot!



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