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New Inspiron

Can anyone tell me about new Inspiron 15 7572. I am planning to buy one, will it be right choice.
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Re: New Inspiron

As with anything, it depends on what you want it for.  If that's browsing the Internet, watching videos, and office work -- it's fine.

If your plans including gaming of any caliber, or recording audio or processing video files - no, the system won't do well for those applications.


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Re: New Inspiron

it has very bad issue with temperature management if you only want laptop for internet surfing and stuff buy a cheaper one , if you want laptop  for heavy task buy some other laptop as this just wont work for more than a minute when under high load ,also refund or return system is not there as i got directly from dell.in wait for a while if u can lets see if they can solve this issue or buy some other laptop whose review are available on internet

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