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New laptop needed

What current Dell laptop is very close to the old Inspiron 1545?  I want what it has.  Like the keyboard.  Must have optical DVD player.  Uses: word processor, streaming videos; playing DVDs from library, playing online bridge.  Suggestions?

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Re: New laptop needed

No modern notebooks are going be anything like that old Inspiron 1545. Many many improvement have be implemented.

The main one being we no longer have BIOS were now all on UEFI, 64-bit Windows, Hard drive is legacy SSD have replaced them. Keyboard has improved but feels different. Screens have improved but pay attention to what screen is installed on the one you pick each model may have different screens Best Buy will have the cheapest screen. Something to look at when you see the same model with much different prices pay attention to what hardware is installed including the screen. We now have touch screens available and other high-quality screens.

Inspiron 13 7000 Series 2-in-1 -7386
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Re: New laptop needed

If you like the 1545, why are you replacing it?

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