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Newest Iris XE Driver reduces screen refresh rate to 30Hz



I own a Dell 7706 and a WD19TB Dock and 2 S3221QS. I run both with UHD and 60Hz without any problems. But with the new IRIS XE driver published some days ago the second screen can reach 30Hz only. If I go back to the old driver I can run it with 60Hz again.

I tried the newest Intel driver also without success. As I do not like to stay on the old driver is that a known issue or is a workaround available? do not work fine



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It is a bug with drivers 30.0.101 and newer. Intel said it’s a Dell (OEM) performance optimisation issue and has to be solved by Dell. Dell Support logged the bug into the system but did not gone into me details. I hope it will be solved by Dell or Intel and switched back to the older driver.

Thanks for the POST I think the issue is with your model only 
I am testing an XPS with the latest version of Intel driver and working fine

you can switch back to older driver from here


No, it also on my Latitude 5520 and 5420 of my company. So perhaps Intel 11th gen series is broken. Still switched back as wrote before and its running fine again, but thanks for the note.

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