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I bought a laptop from a pawn shop for my husband on 3/13/2018 for my husband. A few days later it stopped working for some reason. I have researched and researched and am having no luck. I dont know what happened to it.

I have run the scan and it keeps giving me a hdd error. 

here is some system information: 

bios ver: 1.17.0

service tag: DY04c82

i have tried all that i know how to get this up and running to no avail. 

when i boot the laptap it goes to the security screen. i enter the password and it goes to the support assist scanning page. 

after that an error message comes up: It says that the failing component on your system requires immediate attention. 

Hard Drive: 0-S/N WX61AA540d5d short test unsuccessful. 

then it says scan the qr code  and continue online.  

i called the dell assist and they want me to pay 149.00 for a hard drive when i just got it! i think that somehow my husband erased the driver or some information like that. I cant seem to believe that the hard drive failed after seven days of us having it 

i think it is some type of code or driver or something else besides a failed hard drive component! 

someone please help me!

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