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Not able to log in after start up and no keyboard response

Hi everyone. Can anyone help me how to fix my laptop dell inspiron 14 3000 series? I can't log in and my keyboard is not working. I tried doing safemode and networking but still i can't log in even using the on screen keyboard, nothing's typing on the log in box. Please help! I tried doing everything but still i cant log in and my keyboard is still not working.

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Re: Not able to log in after start up and no keyboard respon

Could you please post the exact model of your system? The 3000 is a series but not the exact model number.

Have you tried an external USB keyboard?

When the system is booting and the Dell splash screen is visible, can you press an F key combination such as F2 or F12 and does the system respond? If not then the keyboard may be bad. If however by tapping F12 you can get to the boot menu, select and run full system diagnostics paying special attention to the keyboard results.

If the keyboard responds as above then it looks like a Windows problem. Have you tried an external USB keyboard? If a Windows problem then try to do a windows repair.

A repair if you can boot into Windows with a USB keyboard


Repair option from boot


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