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OS installed on HD and not SSD?

I received my laptop with 2 drives, a 1 TB HD and a 128g SSD.  The reason to have the SSD is to speed up the system but Dell installed the OS on the HD.  Why would they do this?  That size SSD has more than enough space to hold the OS and the main reason most people would want the 2 drives is to have the speed of the SSD running the OS and the storage size of the HD.  

This makes no sense to me why they would do this.  

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Re: OS installed on HD and not SSD?

I agree and there have been other instances of Dell doing this before. You can clone the HDD to the SSD using a program such as Macrium Reflect Free. Or you can go the clean install route with Windows 10.


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Re: OS installed on HD and not SSD?

Is there any chance you could attach a picture of your Disk Management window?

Although I would never  put a Win 10 install on a 128 GB drive, I understand why you would assume they would install that way.  

While your system is undisturbed, you may want to create a Win 10 Recovery drive which will do a factory install on a clean drive.  Going from a large drive to a very small drive may end up being a problem but you could try.


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