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Opinion on Dell Precision M4800 i7/screen resolution 800x600

Basically, I need to know two things. Is Dell Precision M4800 i7 a good PC for playing games? I'd like to hear from people who own it or have owned it. The second thing is whether or not it allows a screen resolution of 800x600?

Detailed explanation of why I need to know this. I have an old (5 years) Toshiba Satellite and it runs everything I need to run, however, it is literally falling apart. I have it taped together with clear packing tape. While the internals seem great, and I have never dropped it or mistreated it, just used it a lot, the hinges, the screen, the keyboard, the power plug, and the USB ports are all going bad. It's hanging together by a thread and packing tape.

I'm retired living on Social Security so I don't have much money. I live on the beach in a rural area of Costa Rica until I can sell my house, then Arizona here I come. But for now, I can't go into a nearby store and try out laptops. So I bought one online that I could afford, an HP. According to the ad, it seemed to be a good one that would work for what I needed.

I write books, do email, and play games. No online games but the kind you download and play. In setting up the HP and transferring all my stuff to it, (OMG what a job), some of my games will not work on it because they require a screen resolution of 800x600 and the HP does not offer that option. I've spent hours researching and can't find anyone who know how to change the resolution behind the scenes. And yes, I know they are old games but are still some of my favorites so I don't want to give them up.

I have been looking for another laptop that will allow me to play my games but I have to be very careful of my budget. Living alone on the beach, those games help pass the time and I really miss them.

So now I have the opportunity to buy a used Dell Precision M4800 i7 for about $400 (that puts a tight squeeze on my budget and is more than I wanted to pay) and that is why I would like a recommendation or not of the Dell Precision M4800 i7. And I need to verify that it does have the option of a screen resolution of 800x600.

I don't want to have two laptops that don't work for what I need. I hope someone out there can help me. Thank you for your time.

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Mary G
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Re: Opinion on Dell Precision M4800 i7/screen resolution 800

That is a business workstation not a personal computer so it would not be suitable for your needs. It also is overpriced for a 6 yr old laptop IMO. Used laptops are rarely good deals since laptops wear out faster than desktops. Business laptops are usually subjected to heavy use. Stick to Inspiron or Vostro models. There is Vostro model for $449 just $49 more than the old M4800.


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