Password rejected in remote desktop connection

I have a new Inspiron I5 3576 that cannot connect to my desktop via remote desktop connection. The desktop is visible In File Explorer, Network. Launching RDC and entering the desktop name proceeds to login with my Microsoft Account name. The password is rejected.

I can connect via RDC to the desktop from my wife's Dell desktop system. I can connect to the laptop from the desktop via RDC. In every instance the RDC connection dialog box shows my Microsoft Account email address as the username. Adapter properties seem normal. Private network sharing is on. RDC is allowed in settings on all systems.

I have run the network troubleshooter - no change. The network is private. There do not appear to be any firewall issues.

The only thing that doesn't work properly is my password in RDC at the laptop.

Now what?

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Re: Password rejected in remote desktop connection

Sorry if this sounds like an obvious suggestion, but I've seen this turn out to be the cause of this problem many times in my time working in IT: Have you made absolutely sure that you don't have a typo in the email address / user name?  If the same credentials are working when connecting to that desktop from other systems, and I presume you've already made absolutely certain that you're typing your password correctly, then it could be the username.  For some reason people seem not to check that one as carefully.  If it still doesn't work, as a test try creating a new user account on the desktop (just a local user, not a Microsoft-linked user), add it to the Administrators or Remote Desktop Users group, and see if you can log in using those credentials from your laptop.

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Re: Password rejected in remote desktop connection

You're on the right track.

While I have no way to prove this, I suspect that Microsoft was using 'MicrosoftAccount\{my email address}' as my username. I finally got to Other options and entered my email address and password to get connected.

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