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Pay 70k for a dell laptop just to see it with failed motherboard just after coming out of warranty

This is really ridiculous on Dell's part how they cheat customers and create a hole in customer's pocket. My Dell 7460 laptop started a screen flickering problem when 3 months of its warranty were still left (this is what i paid Rs.70,000 for!). Dell people are very smart in delaying this resolution for 3 months so that the laptop is out of warranty. Upon repeated requests for sending an engineer to visit and check laptop physically, they provided only telephonic support and kept on trying hit and trial just to waste my time. They never sent anybody. Lastly they decided to format my laptop (this too was done without even checking the system physically). Once this was done, the system was already out of warranty. Now, just after 15 days, laptop stopped turning on. When i called up for a complaint, they took **bleep** lot of details from me just to give me a reply "Mam, your system is out of warranty. Please pay and then only we will resolve your issue".  I immediately paid Rs.7,702 for 2 year premium support. They said they will send an engineer and charge me for the visit only if its a battery issue otherwise the system will be covered under the warranty for which i have paid. I agreed. Now when the engineer visits, he detects a screen problem (for which i had already complaint when the system was in warranty). When he came to know about the complaint, he goes outside the room, discusses something with his senior, now it was a motherboard problem for which i was told you need to replace motherboard costing Rs.11,000 and then only the system shall be covered under warranty. By this, they have already secured Rs.1,200 for a 2 hour visit of their engineer to my place just to check whether the system can be covered in warranty (and i was promised the resolution of problem that was why i agreed to pay this charge). I asked them to refund my money. now they will deduct Rs.1,200 and refund the remaining money without even solving the problem.

You think we are fools? We spend more than half of our lives earning money just to throw lakhs of rupees for your **bleep**ty equipment? Even if the motherboard is faulty, What do you think i paid Rs.70,000 for? To use this laptop for only 1 year? Dont make a fool of us. Very disappointed with dell. Will never ever recommend Dell to anybody in my life. Neither will i let anybody else buy that.

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