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Plugged In, Not Charging, Every Time Charger's Unplugged

I know there are countless threads on this exact topic, but none of the provided solutions are permanent for me. This is a recurring issue that happens any time the laptop is unplugged, so maybe different solutions that have never been mentioned before might help me. TL;DR at the bottom.


This started happening around the start of January this year, maybe 10 days after my hard drive started acting up. This actually happened after a 4-hour long pre-startup diagnostic by Dell's SupportAssist recovery thing, because my laptop wouldn't start the one day. (and claimed there was no HDD installed). Any time the laptop is unplugged (I move it from my room to downstairs, then back up to my room, daily), I get the "plugged in, not charging" error. No, I can't just not unplug it/keep it stationary, so please don't recommend that... my current job is solely online and I play a lot of games, and don't want to be in my room all the time when working/gaming/etc.
It's resolved whenever I restart the computer and unplug-and-plug-back-in the adapter... but that's only temporary. Once it's unplugged again to switch rooms (or to take it out somewhere), the error comes back. Even if it's at 100% charge, so long as it's not actively charging, the system becomes impossibly slow and programs start freezing up, eventually forcing me to restart.

As I mentioned, the HDD started to screw up on Christmas and has been causing problems ever since, and this all happened right after the warranty ended (go figure...), so Dell can't and won't cover any replacements, and I don't have $130+ for the HDD replacement, or $90+ for the adapter replacement, if that's the problem. I don't think a hard drive issue would be causing problems with the adapter though, right? The cord is fine, no kinks, breaks or weird bends. I've made sure everything is updated, from Windows 10 itself, to the BIOS, to system-specific stuff provided by Dell, etc... problem persists. Every solution provided in all other threads on this issue is only temporary, the problem repeatedly comes back. 

This wouldn't be such a problem if I didn't have to restart it every time I want to temporarily fix the not charging issue... because ever since the HDD went screwy, it occasionally likes to not start up once restarted or force-shutdown, sooo I get paranoid whenever I have to restart it, and as I said, that's currently the only temporary fix that works for me. Any idea why this might be happening, what I can check either software or hardware-wise, and what I can do to permanently remedy this? Thank you in advance, guys!

Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming Series (7567)
Intel i5 Processor
NVidia 1050 Graphics + Intel Graphics
1TB Seagate HDD


This laptop was gifted to me brand new November 2017 (warranty ended November 27 2018). I had to reformat it once maybe 5 months ago because of a spontaneous corruption issue from a virus, and all was well afterwards, until December 2018 when I got a partition error, system wouldn't start and said there was no hard drive installed, and then the 2000-0142 "hard drive failure" error (which then disappeared a day later and all tests claim the HDD is fine now :Confused: )... I really have no idea what could be causing this except a physical problem with the battery or adapter, but then wouldn't the issue persist even after restarting if that were the case? All help appreciated!


TL;DR - Battery icon says "plugged in, not charging" every time the adapter is unplugged and plugged back in, restarting the system is a temporary fix, as the problem comes back again once unplugged again.

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Re: Plugged In, Not Charging, Every Time Charger's Unplugged



open Dell Power Manager Lite and turn off Advanced Charge. You can turn it on again, if you like, but this caused the same problem with me and by chanced I opened it, turned it off (and then on again), and charging  went back to normal. 

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Re: Plugged In, Not Charging, Every Time Charger's Unplugged

Try to lock your machine (Window+L), then it will start showing as charging, instead of doing a reboot

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