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Poor After Sales Support

Refer Service Tag No and service request number - I would like to bring to the notice of all concerned about the complete lack of apathy for the customer on part of the company. Having been given a faulty piece and umpteen attempts by engineers and solutions provided the matter remains unresolved. The management feels as if the customer is at fault for having purchased the system and advice from them bordering on ridiculousness is being rendered at all level-the trailing emails are proof of the same. Having provided proof that the system is faulty and needs replacement being just two months old the management reacted after approaching the consumer court – and now the solution being provided as a favour is to have it checked thoroughly at the service centre and once it is certified by the engineer that a replacement is required will the process for replacement start. The agony doesn’t end here as the system has to be deposited and a once it is received at the factory another round of inspection will be carried out and once certified unusable will a new one be shipped. All this will take 3-weeks being without a computer and expecting the customer to fend for himself. However, there are hurdles to cross before and that is the preliminary inspection at the local service centre followed by the master inspection at the manufacturing centre. So, the ordeal will continue till the customer gives up and accepts the faulty system as a fait-accompli. I urge the management to take an empathetic view and resolve the issue as one has lost faith in the company and its commitment to the customers.
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