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Processor upgrade Options for Inspiron n5010


I have a kind of ancient Dell Inspiron n5010, The specifications are as follows:


- Processor: Intel Core i3 M330 @2.13 GHz.

- Motherboard: Dell OWXY9J.

- BIOS Version: Dell A02, 4/9/2010.

- SMBIOS Version: 2.6

- Installed RAM: 2 GB.


So I don't want to throw it away, I know that I can buy 2x4 GB RAM DDR3 which is available where I am living (Dubai), what I need to know which processor I can buy for the above mentioned specifications? Core i5? i7?


Any help will be much appreciated.

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Re: Processor upgrade Options for Inspiron n5010

First-generation Core i5 or i7 only - and with the i7, ONLY the dual core.

Nothing newer.  I7-620m or 640m are the two fastest.


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Re: Processor upgrade Options for Inspiron n5010


thank you for answer

my motherboard OWXY9J and my laptop is n5010 with 8gb ram

but i have a question

when use i7-640m on my laptop, only 2 core? mean not support or detect multi treading as 4 core? (2 physical and visual) ?

but when use i5-480m or 580m 4 cpu and supper multi threating and detect as 4 cpu (2 physical and visual) !!!

Is this the same with saying dual core support? or Or I did not get it right?

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