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Quality Issues/Defects With Dell Inspiron

Wondering whether others have experienced the issues we have with the DELL Inspiron laptops - we bought two of these recently and have had siginificant hardware issues with both within about 2 years of purchase - not very encouraging when you are paying almost AUD$2K for each. When we wrote to our DELL "Account Manager" about it, we got no response
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Re: Quality Issues/Defects With Dell Inspiron

Yep .... I am glad to see I am NOT the only one having this SAME experience!!!  

We bought an Inspiron 15 5000 Series (i7) in June 2018 for my Son to take to College.  That thing is beautiful, and works perfectly.  My Dell Insprion 17 5758 of 2016 **bleep** the bed on me, because the Charging Port literally shorted out the Motherboard due to poor design!  So, I went to the Dell Website (and this is important, as any Box Store purchase is **bleep** to begin with) and ordered a Inspiron 17 3000 Series with an i3. Why the i3?  Because if it's going to **bleep** out after 2 yrs, why spend the extra $?

Computer arrived March 31st. Right out of the box, slow as molasses.  It took me FOUR Days to update it?!!!  System Updates, triggering MORE System updates, plus Windows 10 Updates?!!!  And this thing was "tested by Dell at the Factory" before being sent out- well, at least this is what ALL Dell Tech's will tell you. Speedtests showing 4 Mbps in Download speeds?!!  20 Seconds to load ANY webpage.  Video buffering 5 seconds at a time?!!  Pure Pain!

The 1st Tech Support person I spoke to, after some 2 hrs of screen sharing, decided to replace the Unit.  Fine.  Sent me a new one, and I returned the 1st  The Second Unit was WORSE than the First !!!!!!  A WEEK of Updating, and 2 separate  Tech Support sessions over some 45 days later, I had one tell me there was nothing wrong with it (hardware), and I had a second tell me I needed Software Support (at a cost) to remedy this.  Seriously?!!! Different answers, for a BRAND NEW COMPUTER right out of the Box?!!!!!!

So, I decided to bite the Bullet, return the 2nd, and upgrade to an Inspiron 17 3000 series with the i7 Processor.  Guess what happens next!    Same !!!  20 seconds Page loading (on a good day), video buffering nightmare paces rendering stuff literally unwatchable.  2 MORE Tech Support Sessions (90 mins per) later, absolutely ZERO satisfaction.

So, determined to get this thing solved, I took it to a Local Guy - who boasted 100 Mbps in his Shop (boosted).  Our Test results ..... 5 Mbps?!!!  The answer was clear, and he and I both agreed. It's the WIRELESS CARD !!!!!  I cracked this Unit opened, replaced the Card with the one from the Inspiron 17 5758, and what do you know ......it works PERFECTLY NOW!!!  Just like a BRAND NEW COMPUTER SHOULD !!!

Two things I noticed while doing this procedure: 1) the Hard Drives are made by some no-name company (NOT Toshiba anymore) and 2) the Wireless Card I took OUT was 2/3 the size of the replacement, and also some no-name Brand.  The Replacement Card I put in filled the entire Slot, making contact across ALL points, where the Original one did NOT.  The computer works perfectly now ....as one would expect it to.  Over some 150 days of dealing with this, and making inquiries and reading chat boards etc., we are NOT the only ones struggling with this SUBSTANDARD product from Dell.

I, too, had to deal with the "Advanced Resolutions" department.  They were of NO help what-so-ever!!  The real challenge for me is .....Dell wants me to pay FULL Price for a computer I had to PHYSICALLY ALTER right out of the Box?!!!!!  HA !!!  I think NOT!!  When I totaled my Time spend dealing with this bull**bleep**, and used my hourly Rate, this Unit should be FREE, and there should be 3 MORE being shipped to me immediately!  After all of the emails and calls with the Advanced Resolution Team, there is one thing that is painfully obvious ....... Dell is having a serious performance Issue with the new batches of Computers, and are literally being over-run with complaints.  So much so, that they are now indicating to MANY Customers (I am (or was) a 20+ year Customer) that Dell is too BIG anymore to care about their Products, and are now making a habit of telling Customers to <Profanity removed> 😞 

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