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RAM Upgrade options for Inspiron 3501

Hey I have a 1 year+ old Dell Inspiron 3501 laptop and I want to upgrade my RAM. I would have gone to the seller from whom I have bought it but I'm far away from that shop and can't go there in months so I wanna buy online.

I know it supports 8+8GB dual channel. I know the laptop has nvidia graphic card so ram is3200Mhz. I checked out cuz it had same model for RAM but it's 10$ more than I am considering to buy. 

I have read articles that brank mixing won't affect performance/it will work perfectly but I am still doubtful regarding mixing brand. Is there someone who has done ram mixing with inspiron 3501 and crucial 8gb ram? Also it states 3200Mhz CL22 but in brackets it's 2933/2666 Mhz so I am like if this is fake or something I am not sure.

I have read terms like oem, and tons of tech terms and I am more worried about whether will this work or no as im a tech boomer i just don't wanna waste money. Here are my laptop specs, if someone can assure that crucial 8gb ram will work please let me know.










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You can have a maximum of 64GB DDR4 3200 mhz .Be carefull with what brand you choose as dell systems tend to be very picky about the ram they accept also you should use 2 sticks of the same brand if you want the ram to be dual channel mixing brands can cause unwanted issues.

Have a look here at your upgrade options

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