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RAM upgrade Dell Inspiron 13 (5000) 5378 1455

Hi, I've just bought a Dell Inspiron 13 (5000) 5378 1455. After testing it, it seems its 4GB RAM is not enough and I need to add another 4GB to make it 8GB. I already learnt that the best is to have two 4GB RAM cars of the same brand. So I need to find what the originally installed RAM is and where to buy it. Can anybody help me please? I'm located in Germany. Thanks in advance.

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Re: RAM upgrade Dell Inspiron 13 (5000) 5378 1455

It does not have to be the same brand as long as it is a quality brand. But to answer your question, you can use a program such as SiSoft Sandra Lite which will display all kinds of information about your system including RAM type, manufacturer, etc. You can purchase RAM from Dell as well as companies such as Crucial. And Dell uses a variety of vendors for their RAM such as Micron, Hynix, Samsung, and so on.


Crucial memory site in EU.



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