Radeon 17.7 version on Dell Inspiron 15 5576 worse

I ran the game resident evil operation racoon city after it has been a while since I last played it.

the graphics drivers I had before were t\not this bad...in fact most of the drivers lately of been bad for performance...


I have checked the high performance settings were in fact enabled.

I have turrned the settings down to low for antiasling and shadow

and graphics setting have been turned down to medium...


the fps was 8 and 22  to 30 is it was staggering all over the place up and down...


and the gameplay was very laggy and sluggish....


I do not like the drivers that are making my games run like **bleep**.


I have alot of games on steam and I would like to play them with good drivers...



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Re: Radeon 17.7 version on Dell Inspiron 15 5576 worse

Is 18.2.1 the current driver for my laptop right now?


I need to know from Dell if this update I got yesterday from device manager is correct?

I went and looked into Dell Drivers and found other updates and updated them,

I did not see any bios or graphics driver updates for the month of april?


It seems to be working ok as of now....but

I wanted to report that I see radeon host application restarting from time to time...


and that with steam and other games from 2013 I am experiencing some bad lag spikes and poor performance issues.

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Re: Radeon 17.7 version on Dell Inspiron 15 5576 worse

delete all amd graphics drivers and only download and install the graphics drivers from the dell website problem solved well at least for me it was
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