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Random Brief Freezes

I have an Inspiron 3583, and every once in a while, usually while on FireFox, the computer will just randomly freeze (no response from mouse or keyboard) for several seconds, then return back to normal as if nothing happened. No BSOD's, no restarts, just annoying brief freezes that last for several seconds. Diagnostics report that everything is OK. Doesn't seem to be a Windows 10 issue as my last laptop never experienced this issue. The only thing I can think of is some sort of driver issue or a Dell application running in the background. Any suggestions?

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Re: Random Brief Freezes

You could clear Fire Fox cache to see if it will fix the brief freezing.

How to clear the Firefox cache


Also, keep an eye out for any program that might be spiking up either Memory, Disk or CPU in Task Manager

How To Use Task Manager (Official Dell Tech Support)


Learn how to use Task Manager more effectively to help speed up your computer's performance and monitor memory usage. For more information please visit http:...
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