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Reset laptop, can't install windows due to error

I advanced reset my laptop, and it keeps on saying it can't install windows due to an unexpected reset(which I did not do) or an unexpected error. I've pressed 'ok' but it still keeps popping up, I've been doing this for over 30 mins.



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A failed or failing hard drive can display the error. Run the diagnostics by selecting it from the boot menu. Turn off the computer, restart and immediately start tapping F12 without waiting for any screen to get to boot menu. Run the custom hard drive test which might take a long while to see if that is the problem.

You should say what model computer and operating system you have when posting. Also you should explain why you had to reset the computer. That would help with diagnosing the problem.

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Resetting is useless if your hard drive is failing.

People don't just reset a laptop for no reason.


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My laptop model is an Inspirion  15 5000, I decided to reset my laptop as there were too many things downloaded onto it, even if I were to delete them from the trash, some of downloaded applications from the internet would still pop up, there were too many of them as well so I decided to reset my laptop.

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Did you figure out the solution

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