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Restore Bios Default Settings


Hello Guys,

I really need help. Hope youll help resolve this one at a time.


Ive made alot of random changes in my Bios system where i came to the point i don't know what i have done anymore. How do i restore all bios settings?

I tried the restore defaults and load defaults but i have doubt that it isnt restored the factory settings. Thanks

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Re: Restore Bios Default Settings


What is your computer model? If you restored defaults in the bios it will restore them to the original configuration. Are you having issues with your computer?

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Re: Restore Bios Default Settings


Hello Jesse! Really appreciate your immediate response.

Im using my 4 year old Inspiron 14r 5421.

I made alot of changes in the bios system and that might be the reason why my bootable windows on my card reader with my sdcard on it wont load because of those changes ive made.

Even i choosed the "load defaults" still it didnt make some changes.

By the way, what should be the settings under f2 and f8 when booting a usb?

I spent 25 minutes for the "enveloped" icon till i decided to give up. I was about to send you private msg with the service tag and other informations.


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