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Running List of Inspiron 7610 Touchpad Issue Posts

Hi all,

As many of us are facing issues with the Inspiron 7610 touchpad, I have noticed that Dell has not taken a position on this and refuses to do anything besides forcing you to send in the laptop (and change out parts to no avail). I will be making a running list of links of reports of the same issue online. Comment if you are also having the same issue or find other links sharing the same issue. Thanks!

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For the bottom two links, look at their updated comments at the top.

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Initial feedback is good, haven't had any problems with the touchpad since I added the ground wire yesterday.


I did the fix two days ago and has worked great. PC on 8 -10  hrs a day


I did this and it has worked great.

Thank You for finding a fix.

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Ok, I'll have a go at a how-to, sorry I didn’t take any more photos when I did the fix. My touchpad is still perfect after more than a week.

First off - this is totally at your own risk, will void your warranty and if you haven't soldered before don't use this as practice - try on something cheap first.

Step 1 - Put laptop into service mode: Shut down laptop and disconnect from power. Then hold "B" down while you press your power button. When the dell logo comes up, press any key several times to enter service mode. You can now safely remove your back cover.

Step 2 - Remove the back cover: Flip the laptop over and take all of the screws out - put somewhere safe. Then remove the back cover using your fingernails, apply gentle pressure and the clips will come loose.

Step 3 - Remove the battery: Remove the screws holding the battery in place. Once they're out you can move the battery out of the way, you don't need to disconnect it.

Step 4 - Clean a spot on one of the copper pads with fine steel wool (I did the one on the right as per the photo). It should be shiny and smooth when it’s ready, otherwise solder won’t stick.

Step 5 – Strip both ends off a piece of wire (about 4-5cm long). Loosen one of the screws on the silver part of the touchpad and wrap one end of the wire around it, tighten the screw so it holds one end.

Step 6 – Make sure the wire is long enough to reach the copper pad you just cleaned. Solder the second end to the copper pad. When soldering be cautious to not overheat the pad. I used a 400degree Celsius tip and it only took a moment before the solder melted.

Step 7 – Once you’re done, reassemble the battery and back of the laptop. I found it easiest to put the screws in at the back corners first, then push the clips back in, then do the rest of the screws. To exit service mode: connect the charger and press the power button.



JackNis you are a hero for figuring this out and sharing.



Thanks for the breakdown JackNis. I performed the procedure on my laptop this morning and am glad to report I have had zero issues with the touchpad since. I recorded the process in case anyone is interested:


YES Thank YOU.....did it and it is working great......I have my laptop back the way it should be.

I was using an external mouse most of the time...


Great video, I did mine a few days ago and it now working as it should.

Thank you to all involved in figuring out the fix.

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Thank you so much @JackNis  and @DashRendar for your help, I managed to get connect the wire using electrical tape instead of soldering. It seems to be working fine for now, ill report back if it stops working.

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Even though @JackNis and @DashRendar instructions are fantastic, I would hope Dell issued an official repair program or at the very least an official procedure. It would not like finding that I voided the warranty if I ever need it for fixing a problem the end-users had to troubleshoot themselves because of Dell's unresponsiveness.

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