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SSD Netac N500S 480G in Inspiron 15R SE 7520

Hi, I'm thinking about to make an upgrade in my old Inspiron: install a SSD drive. Could anybody tells me how to do it? Is this SSD compatible with my laptop? https://www.gearbest.com/hdd-ssd/pp_009126307751.html?wid=1433363&lkid=15330410

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Re: SSD Netac N500S 480G in Inspiron 15R SE 7520

Though I am not familiar with that brand of SSD, it should work. The following service manual gives the procedure for replacement. You will need a program such as Macrium Reflect to clone the HDD to the SSD. But the cover on the 7520 is very user friendly for removal so installing the SSD should be pretty simple. However to clone the drive you will need a 2.5" enclosure or hard drive docking station. In other words some way to connect the drive to the laptop so you can clone. Here is the link to the service manual..


and a video describing the procedure..


There is an alternative method as described on this YouTube video. There is a caddy available which would replace the optical drive and would allow for a second hard drive or SSD. The part is described in the video as well as where to purchase it.


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Re: SSD Netac N500S 480G in Inspiron 15R SE 7520

Thanks JOcean!! I'm gonna make this procedure and then I'll post here.
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