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Screen Flickering issue in Dell Inspiron N4050

Hello . 

i have Dell Inspiron N4050. Recently it's Charging Port got Damaged and Laptop stops Charging , i went to local repair shop and got replaced that Broken Charging Port. But after replacing that port another issue appears, my screen flickers randomly for no reason and my laptop sleep and awake by itself (no matter if lid closed or not) . So i wen to that shop again he examined my laptop again and said everything is fine their is no hardware or software issue and he said he can't fix this issue. But i still think it's Hardware issue. So what can cause this issue .? and is their any Dell Official Service Center in Lahore,Pakistan from where i can repair my laptop.

Hope Someone help me out. 

also i removed battery and started the laptop , same issue. 

i pressed Power Button for 15sec and then again started my laptop without inserting battery. Same issue 
Laptop is not under warranty . 


(Here See these below Videos of Screen Flickering issue)





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