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Screen tearing while playing certain games after recent upda

My Dell Inspiron 3442 now has a huge problem with screen tearing while playing certain games (games which I had no problems with) after a recent automatic update 15/03/19, after that my laptop had another update at 16/03/19 which it had failed installing and I had to download Dell Support Assist, after some failed attempts it finally installed but I continue with the same screen tearing problem. (I don't know what was the update of 15/03/19 and it doesn't appear in my update history) (16/03/19 update was "Dell Inspiron 3442,3542,5748 System BIOS - A14").

I would like to know what in that update may have caused this and added information will be added to this post if it can help solve my problem.

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Hi PedroAnt,


Thanks for posting.  Apologies that your system is not performing as expected.


Here is information from the Dell knowledge base you may find helpful:

How to Stop Screen Tearing






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