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Setting up dual monitors on a Inspiron 15 laptop ...

I have a Dell Inspiron 15 with an Intel Iris Xe Graphics card. I'd like to connect dual monitors and I'm looking for the cheapest method to do that. Only need general purpose use, no high definition gaming, just normal email & Office applications. It appears the laptop has dual display ports (1 HDMI and another through one of the USB C ports). The HDMI connection is obvious but what type of cable is required to hookup the USB-C display port to an HDMI monitor (monitors are basic 1080p). It's running Windows 11, so once connected do I just use the normal multi monitor setup options to get this working? Appreciate any help.

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We need to know the exact model you have to tell you definitively.  The Inspiron 15 series spans all the way from the budget 3000 and 5000 series to the 7000.

We need to know the model number -- i.e., Inspiron 3501, 7535, etc.

The less expensive the system the more likely the USB ports do not support display link -- meaning you'll need an external USB C DisplayLink adapter to use the USB port for video output.



The model is 5510 with an i7 Pricessor. Looks like it has Intel Iris Xe integrated graphics.

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3 options:

1- USB-C to HDMI cable 

2- USB-C to HDMI adapter and HDMI cable

3- Hub USB-C or dockstation USB-C 


I have a Inspiron 15 3525, I used a usb-c Hdmi multiport adapter and the usb C monitor won't work.

How can I fix this, I just purchased the extra screen, pulling my hair out.

Please help


Same here. Inspiron 15 3525. USB-c monitor is not working here. Please help as well.

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