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Solved Replacement Fan Not Working

Read before spending $$$ Fan Problem Solved!!!

A little background about me...I've built a couple hundred systems in my lifetime, so I know a little about PCs Mine was a Dell 15 7572...fan was noisy so I bought a Dell replacement fan. Now the fan won't work at all. Same situation here: warranty just expired. Nobody at dell wanted to help, they just kept transferring me to the extended warranty sales department. After doing some testing I found that the connector had power, diagnostics say everything's OK, but fan is spinning at 0 rpm. I finally get to talk to a technician at the repair department who tells me that my situation is unusual and most likely some sort of fan controller on the Mobo. They promised to test it and advised me to be prepared for a Motherboard replacement ($500) give or take. Here is where things get interesting... After replacing my notebook with a non-Dell alternative I decided to do a factory reset on the Dell 7572, basically a fresh Windows install. To my surprise the fan started spinning normally as soon as I started the install process. I know I'm not the only one out there that has fan issues, and I don't believe for a minute that my situation is unusual. Who knows how many customers have fallen victim to this Scam.          Buyer Beware !!!!!