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Some keys are not working dell inspiron

One day, idk when, i tried to alt-tab but it worked weirdly - like if i hodled alt and spammed tab key. Day later tab key didn't work. Also not only tab. 


LSHIFT, Y, T, BACKSPACE, CAPSLOCK... And some others didn't work. I wasn't happy. I found out that other people had the exact same issue. Things that i tried:

Uninstalling and installing keyboard driver


Trying to update all drivers ("all drivers are up to date")


Cleaning my keyboard 




Using screen keyboard (that actually worked)


Trying to type something on my Kali Linux


Waiting for it to pass


Screaming in anger

EDIT: i can get service tag, but I'm unable to do this in a next few days, so I'll provide some of my system info



OS: WINDOWS 8.1 also Linux, but on USB


AGE: about 3 - 5 years


No viruses, that's the only issue. 

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Re: Some keys are not working dell inspiron

Try plugging in an external keyboard. If that works fine then it would appear that the keyboard on the laptop needs to be replaced.

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