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Speakers not working (headphones OK)

Dell Inspiron 13 5368.  Recently had the laptop SSD die, so installed new SSD, then clean install of Windows 10 and reloaded all drivers from Dell support page.  Laptop all working now except speakers do not work (headphone audio OK).

Reloaded latest Realtek driver multiple times with no success.  Showing current audio driver as  Have been through all the standard troubleshooting and fixes recommended on Dell site and Google.  Unlikely that I damaged both internal laptop speakers during SSD install.

Had same problem previously when I upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 10, and fought with it for an extended period of time.  Eventually got speakers working but don't remember exactly how.

I also tried all the old versions of Realtek drivers.

Audio tones are not heard through speakers when color bars show during (F12 start) diagnostics.

Request any help anyone might offer.


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Re: Speakers not working (headphones OK)

My speakers sometimes quit working after upgrades to Windows 10, this happened again today with KB4586781. (I don't know about my headphones, don't use them and haven't tried).

No trouble shooting helps, restarting the system makes no difference. However, what indeed fixes the problem is to completely shut down my computer and even remove the mains connection.

Then when I connect the mains and start up again everything appears OK?

(In case somebody wonders: I normally run on mains when available and only depend on battery operation when necessary.).

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