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Suggested LED changes with next BIOS update.

I find the LEDs on my Inspiron 13 (7373) to be borderline useless.  On every other laptop I've owned in the past 10 years, they've been a source of information, but these don't really do anything but tell you if the laptop is on or not.

First, there's no differentiation between the computer asleep and off.  Why not make the power button and front LEDs slowly blink if the computer is asleep?  That way it's clear that it's still using power, but not fully on.  If it stops blinking (ie. it's off), it's because the computer itself is off or hibernating.

Second, the front LED has the ability to be both white and amber (or orange).  I can't remember why it's ever amber, but I believe it shows solid white while charging.  Why?  I think it would be more useful if it were, say, solid amber while charging and the slowly blinking amber when the battery is low.  That way you can visually tell what the computer is doing and if it needs to be charged (in cases where the computer was left on and open, but the screen is off).

I have no idea if anyone from Dell actually reads these discussions and even if they do, if it would ever get passed on to someone who could evaluate this change, but I figure it can't hurt to post about it.  These seem like simple changes that could be made with a BIOS update.

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Just got this laptop (updated to latest BIOS) and like it for the most part, but agree that this should be fixed. Why does the LED in the power button not blink when the computer is in sleep mode, like every other computer I've ever used (including many Dell computers)? As it is you can't tell if the system is in sleep or off altogether without turning it back on. Very silly.

Hello, i have the same problem with my 7373 , but i have read this guide with troubleshooting information: In the "Power and Battery Charging Information and Resolving Battery Issues" section there is a description of the sleep mode with a "Breathing white LED", so this option has been thinking on this laptop but not work, could be an incompatibility of certain software (for example Intel Rapid Storage ecc. ecc.) but i have not found the cause.
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