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Suggestions GPS

Dear Dell inc,

                         I want to suggest about in dell laptop computer. Most of android hardware manufacturers insert default gps device together with their hardware products. Until now Pc hardware manufacturers didn't provides gps device together with their pc hardware products. Let me know why you all can't provide gps device inserting together with pc. GPS device is that expensive?. over 10 years, all android hardware devices usually provide. Why pc manufacturers were too late. If gps device match together with pc hardware, it will very good.




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Re: Suggestions GPS

It's a value/cost issue - the vast majority of PC buyers don't need GPS on their systems, excepting a very few business- or enthusiast-oriented notebook systems.  And most PCs are used on wireless networks - WLAN or WWAN, which provide location services based on these.  So -- it's generally not included on most new systems.